refined hardware specializes in custom and BESPOKE Pieces. custom requests, and previous conceptions, have ranged from a small modification on a current edition to a completely self-inspired and totally unique conception. Examples of previous projects include:

  • private company editions (i.e. runs of 12-20 pieces for a set board members or deal team with firm logos engraved)
  • family editions (i.e. run of 4-10 pieces, each individually engraved for each family member with a family crest)
  • recreating a piece with personal touches and MODIFICATIONS (i.e. an antique case sized up and skeletonized)
  • piece modification to match a personal item (i.e. coating internal components with ferrari caliper enamel)
  • developing a piece from solely basic customer sketches

              As such, Our designers will work diligently and intimately with you through a range of mediums to provide a custom conception you never thought possible. depending on DETAILs, This process can be expedited in as fast as 14 days and may include full image renderings, pre-production prototypes, and expedited delivery. We look forward to hearing from you.

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